Sunday night link love- 03/02/2014

It's time to Tine Turn-er the clocks ahead.

It’s time to Tina Turn-er the clocks ahead.

Happy March homeboy and girls.  Hope you’re all out there enjoying it.  Before we get started, remember to turn your clocks ahead at 2:00 AM next Sunday.  I wanted to remind you now because it’s the 1 time a year this GIF will be applicable.  Odd enough, there’s actually a bill out there in the Tennessee state legislature to make Daylight Savings Time permanent.  It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, as sentiment seems to be pretty divided out there and agriculture is still pretty big in this state.  Anyways, if you’re new to the spot, this is the time of week I let you in on what I’ve been up to, and share links to some of my favorite reads of the week.

On my end, I think I had my first case of writer’s block, so there was that.  I had no idea how to handle it either.  But, hopefully it’s cleared up by now.  We’ll see.  This week, I had a Q & A session with Addison from Cashville Skyline.   She’s a very cool person, and if you’re not, check her out on Twitter.  And Facebook.  I also wrote about how studying failure can help you succeed, highlighted by Abraham Wald.  His work during WW2 is seriously fascinating.

I’ve got a week ahead of me that is going to consist of checking around for new car insurance rates, working through a home ownership conundrum (which I’ll be sharing shortly), and trying to lose some of this winter weight.

And now, to the good stuff… what ya’ll out there wrote.

First, thanks to DC for including me in the weekly quick hits roundup.  Be sure to check out his post on 8 Reasons to Contribute to an HSA.  HSAs are great if you’re offered them.

Andrew at Living Rich Cheaply asked if we are overworked.  I want to say “no,” but there is a compelling argument to be made for “yes.”

Karen from Makin’ the Bacon had a guest post on Frugal Rules that I was really able to relate to.  How I Delayed My Earning and Saving Ability.

Anneli from The Frugalweds shared 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Churning Credit Cards.

Courtesy of Poor Student, here are 5 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Money on in College.

That’s all for this week.  Thanks for dropping by, and as always, I’ll catch you on the world wide web.  Have a good night friends.



  1. Over the past week or so, I’ve also been getting writer’s block a little. Kinda struggling to keep up the momentum of 1 post per day. I’ve found that I have weird moments of brilliance during the week when i think about post subjects, so I quickly jot them down.
    I’m building quite a list of “spare” post topics for when the block sets in.

    Keen to hear about this working from home issue and how you go at losing the weight. I’m actively working on getting fit at the moment and seem to have plateaued.
    Mr Ikonz @ Project Ikonz recently posted…February 2014 net worth updateMy Profile

    • I know, I’ve got tons of topics I want to write about, but just can’t seem to get the words out so they sound “right.” Thankfully I haven’t worked out much lately so I’m not worried about plateauing yet… more so just getting started. I guess like writer’s block, you’ll eventually get over the hump, right?

  2. I had panicked there for a second thinking that the time change was this weekend, meaning that I was an hour late.. but luckily it’s not! My devices will all change themselves, to my knowledge, which makes me happy.
    Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter recently posted…How to Get Back Into the Reading Habit and Find More Time for ReadingMy Profile

  3. Argh…I’d rather be getting an extra hour not losing one…thanks for the reminder though. And thanks for the shout out.
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted…Are We Overworked?My Profile

  4. Thanks for the mention! I deal with writer’s block nearly constantly. To combat it I write down ideas as soon as I think of them. I put ideas in my phone, on scrap pieces of paper, and in my notebook. Next step is to think of some key points. Once I have that the posts nearly write themselves. I think getting ahead on your site helps quite a bit too.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…My Little Bathroom DIYMy Profile

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