Sunday night link love- 02/23/2014

anyone else ready for spring and summer?

anyone else ready for spring and summer?

Happy Sunday to all you readers of the internet.  Hope you all are having an enjoyable weekend and looking forward to the week.  As usual, this is the time of week that I tell you what’s going on around here (if you’re so inclined to care), and share some of my favorite posts of the week from around the worldwide.  It was 70 degrees here in Nashville today- actually warm enough to wear shorts out.  Not going to lie, felt pretty awesome and made me ready for spring and summer.  Hence, the reason this isn’t getting posted until 7 PM local time.  That, and we finished season 2 of House of Cards. 

I wrote two posts this week, the first being my thoughts on doing what’s necessary when it’s you vs. the economy.  I then shared how early retirement is actual, and how we are going about trying to achieve it.

Thanks to Sean over at Small Business Billionaire for sharing my post on how my wife and I are going to live so that we can retire at 40… although if we actually do that is still undecided.  Be sure to check out his review of Republic Wireless while you’re over there.  I see more and more bloggers switching to that after ditching AT&T or Verizon.  Also, be sure to read about Sean over at 1500 days, featured in 10 questions and a pizza place.

Muchas Gracias to Charles from Getting a Rich Life for mentioning me in his Aloha Links.  Charles has one of my favorite blogs, and this week had an awesome piece on What It Means to Be Poor in America.  It really does provide some perspective seeing other countries and their levels of poverty.  Excellent read, especially the point about how if you make over $34,000, you’re in the 1% of income in the world.  We sometimes can’t recognize how well we have things here.

And I’m much obliged to Tonya over at Budget and the Beach for linking to me in her post on Why Do We Work So Hard?  Definitely not just for a Cadillac, right?  She also had a very frugal year.  Very impressive.

As for a few more of my link picks from this week…

Erin at Broke Millennial wrote about how Roommates can be a financial nightmare.  Totally true.  I’m lucky enough to have avoided anything like that.  Although Kevin and I were in a constant battle over the thermostat during the Summer.  Nothing we couldn’t work out over some Del Taco, though.

Daisy from Add Vodka wrote about how changing where you live can prevent stagnation and make you happier.  I think you need to do what’s in the best interest of your happiness, and if that means moving, that’s what you have to do.

Addison from Cashville Skyline posted about thriving with mental illness.  A topic in need of more discussion.

And I missed this one last week, but Bridget had a very well written post over at Money After Graduation on declining fertility and contracting populations.  Might not be from this week, but definitely worth your time.

Major thanks to Add Vodka and Suburban Finance for adding me to their blogrolls.  Still amazes me that people read what I write. Even more so when it resonates.

As promised, a shout out to my 400th Twitter follower, @flannelguyroi.  Shout out to an earlier follower, @thefrugaltoad.

That’s it for this week.  As always, see you around the interweb.



  1. Thanks for sharing my post, Ryan! 70 degrees in February is pretty amazing, huh?
    Cashville Skyline recently posted…Living Frugally Isn’t Enough: An Investment Post Round UpMy Profile

    • Anytime Addison! I applaud you for writing about it, I desperately think mental health deserves more attention than it receives. And yes, this weather has been phenomenal, it’s a shame it’s going to be colder this week.

  2. Ryan
    Looks like the weather in this country is getting back to normal. I enjoy spring the best as it isnt too hot or cold. Thanks for sharing my post. recently posted…Sharing The Aloha Links 2-22My Profile

  3. Hope you had a good weekend!

  4. I’m trying so hard to get into house of cards but I’m not sure why it’s just not grabbing me I’ve watched 4 episodes so far. Something about it… anyway thanks for including my articles! :)
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…The Cost of Living in ParadiseMy Profile

    • Back at you Tonya! I can see how House of Cards isn’t for everyone. To be honest, if it was released like regular TV, once per week, I probably wouldn’t follow it. I think it’s a great show for binge watching, though.

  5. Thanks for including me! And glad I’m not the only one who binged watched HoC!
    Broke Millennial recently posted…Spending Freeze: Is Going Cold Turkey a Smart Way to Dig Out of Debt?My Profile

    • I think I saw something like 15% of Netflix subscribers watched an episode on the first day it was released. I don’t know too many people that haven’t finished it yet, to be honest. And you’re welcome, it was a great article!

  6. Thanks for the shout-out Ryan! Republic is the real deal…and I guess for those iphone lovers, Ting is worth checking out. The days of $100 (or close to) cell phone bills are over ( I hope)!
    Sean @ Small Business Billionaire recently posted…Just Another Way Small Business Promotes CommunityMy Profile

    • Anytime Sean- thank you for including my post as well. I’m not an Apply fanboy, so iPhones and HTC and Samsung doesn’t much matter to me, as long as I can use it as an actual phone. If it does that and can text, I’m good to go. Have a great week!

  7. 70 degrees?!? It’s not supposed to go above 30 for a week here in Minnesota….
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…8 Reasons to Contribute to an HSAMy Profile

  8. What did you think of House of Cards? I finished the whole season 48 hours after it came out ;) It reached mid 40s here over the weekend which was “balmy” by this winters’ standards. I can’t wait till spring!
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…Is Playing the Lottery Insane?My Profile

  9. Oh, 70′s – I’m SO jealous!! Hanging out at around zero here this week. :-( Thanks for sharing the great articles, Ryan. Looks like good stuff here!
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted…What My Daughter’s Self-Defense Class Taught Me About DebtMy Profile

  10. 70 degrees? Ugg, I’d kill for that right now. This winter has been terrible in the metro nyc area. They say if we get 6 more inches of snow we’ll be in the top 7 worst winters on record (I’m hoping we don’t). Headed over to check out some of the links you mentioned.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted…Classic Clothes Save Me MoneyMy Profile

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